The iExec Solution Stack

iExec provides a complete software stack and create an complete environment such that no additional software is needed to support applications.

Dapp store

The dapp store is a catalog of ready to use applications and tools.

The Dapp Store allows users to browse decentralized applications and .
Users are able to browse through the listed dapps and use their favorites.
These dapps are curated and represent the wide span of industries iExec can support: artificial intelligence, 3D rendering, fintech, cryptography, scientific research or IoT.
Anyone can launch its own Dapp Store and curate applications the way they see fit.

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Data store

The data store is a catalog of ready to use datasets.

The Data Store can be seen as a collection of dataset available as inputs for applications.
Users are able to browse through the listed datasets and use their favorites.

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The Marketplace

The iExec marketplace is where offer meets demand for computing power.
The marketplace allows application developers and enterprises to access affordable, secure and scalable computing power on-demand.
Each transaction between buyers and sellers is securely audited and certified by iExec’s Proof-of-Contribution algorithm (PoCo).
At any given moment, the market is able to give customers access to a large capacity of computing power at the best rate.
Worker pools place workerpoolorders defining the price at which they are willing to execute tasks.
On this marketplace, applications and users buy workerpoolorders for their computations to be executed based on pre-selected criteria
As a multi-sided market, applications and users will publish requestorder, that worker pool will accept and compute, this feature will come in V3.
iExec therefore creates a new paradigm for cloud computing: a global and open market where computing power is traded like a commodity.
Comparably to the oil market, the iExec marketplace offers a uniform and standardized access to computing resources, regardless of their provider.

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Worker pools

Workers are organized in worker pools, where participating computing powers are called ‘Workers’.
As a worker provider, you can connect your machine to the network and provide computing power.
A scheduler manages the work distribution. There are two types of worker pools:
- Public worker pools
- Private worker pools
Public worker pools are open for anyone to join.
Anyone can also deploy a worker pool for others to join.
As a worker, if you switch to a different worker pool, you will still be able to maintain your reputation score, bringing it “with you” to your new pool, as this is all recorded on the blockchain.

Browse the available Worker Pools:

More information and statistics on the worker pool dashboard

Task Explorer

The iExec Explorer is a web application that can explore all relevant information about transactions, applications deployed and worker pools deployed.


For each transaction, the tool provides details on its time of execution, its hash, the user’s public address, the dapp’s public address, the worker’s public address, the price of the deal and the status of the transaction.


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The iExec SDK and API provide a set of tools that allows all users to easily interact with iExec decentralized marketplace.

Check iExec SDK documentation for more details.

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