The iExec stack provides adapted tools to manage task execution.

Using the iExec SDK

The iExec SDK is a CLI (Command Line Interface) tool providing all the commands to interact with the iExec network.
As an introduction, go to the Quick start section to learn how to manage a task execution. For more details, go to iExec SDK github page to read its full documentation.

Using the Marketplace and the Dapp Store

Installation of your metamask wallet in your web browser is required.

The marketplace, the Data store and the Dapp Store allow to buy workerpoolorders and submit computing task in a very simple way.

From the Dapp store, you can select your dapp and will be redirected to the marketplace with the dapp address and default work parameters filled. The marketplace selects also the cheapest workerpoolorder available.
From the marketplace, all existing dapps, published in the Dapp Store, are available in the select menu. It is also possible to fill in any existing dapp address and your custom arguments in the dedicated textboxes.
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