Current Version

The latest stable version for iExec stack:


Module Version Link
Core 3.1.0
Worker 3.1.0
SDK 3.0.31
PoCo 3.0.35
Module Current docker image version
Core iexechub/iexec-core:3.0.1
Worker iexechub/iexec-worker:3.0.1

Report an issue

If you found a problem, please fill in an issue in our github page.
Before reporting, have a look to the existing list of open and closed issues.
The problem may already get reported.
If the problem you encountered is not listed, open a new issue with the most complete description of the problem you can provide.

Make it easy for our team to solve the problem.

The indispensable elements are:

  • Title:
    • Keep it brief, clear and include the name of the feature.
  • Description/summary:
    • Explain the bug in a few words.
    • Give the id of the task, the address of the wallet or the id of the transaction.
    • Make sure your developers know the technical environment (operating system, etc)
    • Visual proof: a picture is worth a thousand words, it can help developers understand the problem better and faster.
    • Steps to reproduce: describe the steps you took before you encountered the bug.
    • Give any additional information you find useful for the description.
Module Link to open or check existing issues
If the classification of the issue is not clear for you or does not match with the categories above,
you can send your bug report by mail at

Release Notes

Version 3.0 : “Impatient Vanguard” (急先鋒)

The iExec v3.0 labelled “Impatient Vanguard” (急先鋒), May 2019

The list of new features and improvement:

  • Data wallet
  • Core refactoring for faster a,d more secure computation
  • SDK enhancement: wallet management, requester workflow,…
  • Doracle (decentralized Oracle)
  • API improvement
Module Version Link
Core 3.0.0
Worker 3.0.0
SDK 3.0.29
Poco 3.0.24

Version 2.3 “Gold Lancer” (金槍手)

This version is deprecated, not maintained. May 2018

The iExec v2.3 labelled “Gold Lancer” (金槍手) sees the addition of an SDK that provides full end-to-end privacy-preserving computing, guarantees execution integrity, and provides an on-chain enclave execution attestation. It consists of the following releases of the different modules:

Module Version Link
XtremWeb 14.0.0
SDK 2.2.39
PoCo 1.0.14


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Build an oracle with iExec