What is iExec?

iExec is a multi-sided platform for computing resources.
It is a network connecting providers and users of distributed computing power, data-sets and developers, encouraging an ecosystem of decentralized and autonomous, privacy-preserving applications.
iExec strengthens applications running on Ethereum smart contracts, allowing for off-chain computation services and data sets on-demand.
This is made possible by the iExec Proof-of-Contribution or ‘PoCo’ consensus protocol that validates off-chain computations.

For resources providers

Resource providers are organized in a similar way to miners in a cryptocurrency mining pool.
One master machine, called a ‘Scheduler’, manages the allocation of computational tasks and rewards for all connected ‘Workers’ in a ‘Worker Pool’.

What is an iExec Worker?

As a Worker, you can connect your machine to the network and provide computing power, executing computational tasks in exchange for RLC tokens.
Workers can be individuals or companies.
Anyone who owns computing resources can make them available by joining a ‘Worker Pool’ and contributing to execute computational tasks in exchange for RLC.
Any machine, from individual laptops to large-scale servers, can join a Workerpool.
Like blockchain miners, they want a simple solution that will make their computer part of a large infrastructure that will take care of the everything else for them.

Go to the Be a worker section to learn how to deploy your worker software.

What is an iExec Workerpool?

Worker Pools are made up of multiple individual machines.
Worker Pools are led by a ‘Scheduler’, one machine that organizes the workload and lists available WorkpoolOrders on the iExec Marketplace to be purchased.
Workerpools can either be public for anyone to join, or private.
Schedulers, while not doing the actual computation, receive a fee for the management of the Worker Pool.
Schedulers compete to attract Workers to their Worker Pool by providing efficient management and guaranteeing the earnings of Workers.
Go to the Be a worker pool section to learn how to deploy your worker pool software.

Check out the worker pool present on the market at

For Dapp users

As a Dapp user, you can browse the iExec Dapp Store; a listing of user-submitted decentralized applications that are already powered by iExec.
iExec is required to enhance the limited computing capacities of blockchain to run compute-intensive decentralized applications: few kilobytes of storage, very inefficient virtual machines and very high latency protocol.
As the demand for decentralized applications grows, there is an ever-growing need to provide additional computing capacity to run them.
The existing clouds cannot fulfill the requirements for DApps that need fully decentralized infrastructures for their execution.
For these applications, ‘off-chain’ computation is needed.
iExec provides the infrastructure for this as well as ‘PoCo’ (proof-of-contribution), the consensus protocol that provides blockchain-level certification and validation of the off-chain computation.
Pick a Dapp on our Dapp store (
and learn in the Submit a Work Order section how to run dapps with the iExec SDK.

For developers

Developers can monetize applications by setting a fixed-fee for access using the iExec Pay-per-task model
As a developer of decentralized applications, you can use iExec to overcome blockchain limitations of cost and performance by executing your computations “off-chain” on the iExec distributed infrastructure.
Developers benefit from being able to easily adjust resource allocation, while not having to maintain any servers, developers still have the opportunity to rapidly upscale/downscale based on user-demand.

Go to the DEVELOP section to learn how to build Dapps (binaries or docker images) for the community

For Data providers

Coming May 2019
Data providers own valuable data-sets that have been made available for use by iExec Dapps.
Technologies such as Intel SGX and IBM Datashield combined with the pay-per-task model, the data wallet presents new opportunities to create highly secure applications, respecting privacy and ownership.

For requestors

In the iExec Marketplace, with few clicks, you can access a large amounts of computational power.
In the iExec Dapp Store, you can access an extensive list of ready-to-use decentralized applications.
The multi-sided market provided by iExec allows to trade applications, the requestors set requestorder for an “ask” publication, a computing resources provider should accept the deal and process this requestorder at the price fixed by the requestor.
The Pay-Per-Task model and the blockchain allow a high level of control of operating costs and expenses for computation.
Requestors can define a minimum level of trust to ensure the task has been correctly processed, whether or not to execute on Intel SGX hardware enclave enables machines, for example.
Requestors select resources providers depending on certain criteria such as geographical location or energy management.
Requestors can monitor and fully audit all computing activity, thanks to Blockchain.