For resources providers

As a Provider, you can lend your machine power and monetize it by executing developer applications.
They are individuals or companies who own computing resources and are willing to make them available for the computation of tasks against payments in RLC.
Similarly to blockchain miners, they want a simple solution that will make their computer part of a large infrastructure that will take care of the details for them.
Any computing resources can join the market to offer computing resources.

Go to the Be a worker section to learn how to deploy your worker software.

Worker pools organize workers contributions and are led by a scheduler, who organises the work distribution.
They can either be public and federate resources from anyone or private and try to optimise the management of specific hardware.
While not doing the actual computation, they receive a fee for the management of the infrastructure.
They compete to attract workers, which they do by achieving an efficient management which guarantees the income of workers.

Go to the Be a worker pool section to learn how to deploy your worker pool software.

Check out the worker pool present on the market (

For Dapp users

As a Dapp user, you can run decentralized apps submited to the iExec platform. Pick a Dapp on our Dapp store ( and learn in the Submit a Work Order section how to run dapps with the iExec SDK.

For developers

As a Developer, you can use iExec to overcome blockchain limitations, by executing your computations on a new distributed infrastructure. Go to the DEVELOP section to learn how to build Dapps (binaries or docker images) for the community